Christchurch Powdercoating from the Experts

Our hardworking team are approachable, friendly professionals who will give expert advice on all your powder coating requirements for both industrial and residential customers. We are a family run business which has provided us with invaluable control over our quality, lead times and professional standards of service.

Why choose Christchurch Powdercoaters:

  • We run a high spec’d Aluminium plant
  • We incorporate a de-ionised water system
  • We offer fast turnarounds and full warranties on Aluminium on request
  • We offer a huge range of colours and colour brands
  • We provide a full pre-treatment system (tanks are professionally tested weekly)
  • We undertake sand-blasting and use zinc primers where required
  • Fast turnaround
  • Speedy service for tight deadlines

We have been in this industry for almost 30 years, and as industry experts we undertake every powder coating project with the proper, proven processes, right down to ensuring our tanks are professionally tested on a regular weekly basis. Our powder coating is done right first time and as one of the few licensed and approved applicators we, in many cases, are able to offer written durability warranties on Dulux Duratec, Duralloy and Interpon powders.

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process that, in an era of environmental and safety consciousness, has become the favoured alternative to traditional methods of metal substrate coating.

The application of powder coating involves no emissions into the air or water as they consist of dry matter only – unlike liquid paint applications, which require an evaporating VOC and cleaning solvents.

In addition, powder coating finishes are more durable and last much longer than liquid paint, are corrosion and chemical resistant, and only require one application, compared to liquid, to yield a thick, strong coat.


Environmental Information about Powder Coating

New Zealand is a tough environment, with it’s strong ultra-violet levels and salty air, which is why we know that power coating is the optimum choice for coating surfaces that need to brave the elements. The environmental impact of powder coating is also much less than the application of wet paints, helping to uphold our clean, green New Zealand image and reputation.

Regular paint releases high levels of organic compounds. These compounds create ozone, which contribute to a range of health problems as well as air pollution. Some of the harmful chemicals found in paint are called volatile organic compounds, or “VOCs”. VOCs vaporise as regular liquid paint dries, reacting with other elements to produce ozone. The powder coating we use is VOC-free, a vastly superior product to traditional paints.