Powder Coating Colour Cards

At Christchurch Powercoaters we offer several ranges of colours, with colour cards available to view at out Woolston premises.

Colour cards provide an approximate representation of the wide selection of colours available for our power coating services. Colour cards should not be used as an exact match of the finished product. We are happy to advise you with your colour choice.


Christchurch Powdercoaters are DuluxR Registered Architectural Applicators. Our Registered applicator status is your guarantee of continued compliance of procedure from preparation, through application, documentation and testing.

DuluxR offers an excellent range of more than 3000 colours and DuluxR can also be matched on a made to order basis. The DuluxR range offers effects including metallic, textured, hi-gloss, matt and rippled finishes. 

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DuluxR Powder Coatings:


We are approved applicators of InterponR coatings. Here at Christchurch Powdercoaters we are Approved Applicators of InterponR coatings. InterponR stand behind their power coatings with a warranty on application by approved applicators such as our team.

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InterponR Powder Finder:

Sustainability Information on InterponR Powder Coatings

PPGR Industrial Coatings

PPGR Industries New Zealand is one of the leading NZ manufacturers and suppliers of high performance industrial costings including Aluminium coatings. We are PPGR Approved Applicators.

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PPG Industries New Zealand


At Christchurch Powdercoaters our tanks are tested weekly to ensure our pre-treatment tanks are maintained to the highest standard, producing optimum results every time.

We proudly stand behind ChemetallR as a valued supplier of broad range technologies for the chemical pre-treatment of metal surfaces and other substrates that we use in our process.

ChemetallR pre-treatments have been developed to meet, and in many instances exceed, the environmental, safety, quality, reliability and performance demands of its customers. Working in partnership the performance properties of products are frequently adapted to meet the exacting requirements of specific industries and individual customers.

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