We have used the services of Christchurch powdercoaters since October 2008, we have found them to provide excellent service and quality.They adopt a can do attitude and always try to accommodate their customers needs ,so when we have required an urgent order they have always done their best.During the after effects of the Christchurch earth quake they unfortunately had to close for a short time, and we had to obtain coating services elsewhere,we were very relived when they were able to start production again ,suffice to say we would not use anyone else.

12th June 2012

Thanks again to the team

ABC Aluminium Ltd

Christchurch Powder Coaters has been our first choice for powder coating for the last 8 years. The reason that Mike and his team get our continued business is because they provide a quality product and they work with us to ensure a timely turn around on all our orders.

We are also proud to support another Canterbury owned business.

22nd May 2012

Brent Hudson - Managing Director - Stile Aluminium Limited

Raylight Aluminium Limited has been operating in Christchurch for over 45 years. We have been a customer of Christchurch Powdercoaters Limited since their inception 6 years ago.

We have found their service to be exemplary which ensures we can meet production and delivery dates for our own customers. They are in constant communication to inform progress of orders so we can schedule our factory efficiently.

Mike has thorough product knowledge and will never hesitate to do further research if required and advise us of the best course of action to take when we are requesting something non-standard.

The accounting of the business is prompt and accurate which enables us to accurately cost jobs sent to them.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to anyone who has need of their services. Their friendly approach to their customers makes them a pleasure to deal with.

28th May 2012

Margaret Ellis - Managing Director - Raylight Aluminium Limited

We have known Sandy and Mike since 2010 when we started doing business with them for both our companies, Nulook Enterprise and E-Frames.

They are honest, hardworking folk who are always willing to ‘go that extra mile’ for their customers. On the odd occasion we have had to request an urgent order, they have been co-operative and helpful.

The quality of the powder-coating has never been an issue. Christchurch Powdercoaters Limited has always met or exceeded our expectations.

29th May 2012

Rae Wakefield-Jones and Matthew Jones - Owners of Nulook Enterprise and E-Frames

Bates Aluminium Ltd have been a customer of Christchurch Powdercoaters Ltd for many years. Over that time we have found them to be reliable and professional.

Their finished product is always to a high standard and their willingness to go the extra mile when needed makes Christchurch Powedercoaters Ltd and their staff a pleasure to do business with.

17th June 2012

Mitch Bates - Managing Director - Bates Aluminium Ltd

To whom it may concern, I have been dealing with Christchurch Powder Coaters since Mike and Sandy bought the business. We had been dealing with Mike under the previous management so we transferred our business to the new company. Our business is in a market that often requires quick starts and changes in sections required. Mike, Sandy, Paul and the rest of the staff have always been very good trying to get urgent job through for us. The turnaround on our day to day work is excellent as is the quality. We have always found all the staff excellent to deal with and always happy to try and get jobs through by the required date. Cemac would have no hesitation in recommending Christchurch Powder Coaters to anyone.

12th June 2012

Euan Muirson - Contracts Manager - Cemac Commercial Interiors